Azabudai Hills Gallery Space is offering a range of products inspired by the exhibition and the public artwork, A harmonious cycle of interconnected nows, by artist Olafur Eliasson. In addition, the shop will share items in an adjacent space based on the ideas and values of the kitchen at Studio Olafur Eliasson, products such as chopstick rest and Wagashi, Japanese sweets.
Environmentally friendly materials are selected for our product lineup.
All fabric items are made of recycled polyester and recycled cotton, and paper items are made of FSC certified paper.*All amounts include tax. *Image is for reference only. ©2023 Olafur Eliasson



on the occasion of the exhibition
Olafur Eliasson:
A harmonious cycle of interconnected nows

T-shirt Price|4,400 yen Size|M/L/XL Color|White Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa
Hoodie Price|13,200 yen Size|M/L/XL Color|Black Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa
Tote bag Price|3,520 yen Type|2 kinds Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa
Recycled pure-silver chopstick rests Price|18,700 yen / 24,200 yen Type|2 kinds Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa
Japanese sweets Wasanbon Price|1,620 yen Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa
Booklet Price|2,750 yen Type|2 kinds Photo: Shimei Nakatogawa


Venue Azabudai Hills Gallery Space (B1F, Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza A)
Business Hours
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Tuesday
  • Friday, Saturday


  • Please note that products are available in limited quantities and may run out of stock.
  • Please do not purchase for the purpose of resale.
  • Product lineup, name, price, design, and specifications are subject to change.
  • Product may be subject to sales postponement or discontinuation.
  • In the case of exchanging a defective product, we will confirm the receipt and the original product in the customer's possession. We will not be able to replace a defective item without a receipt.
  • Photographs and actual items may show slightly different results of colors, shapes, etc.