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A business environment that can inspire creativity

State-of-the-art offices and Tokyo Venture Capital Hub—home to many of the biggest names in Japan's VC industry—provide Azabudai Hills with a robust business environment. A business-oriented social hub, Hills House, helps connect the many different professionals working in the complex while offering amenities that can inspire creativity in their work.

Notice of operational changes for 33F/34F Sky Lobby (from Thursday, April 18th)

Since its opening in November 2023, the Sky Lobby on the 33rd and 34th floors has been open for a limited time only to visitors to the area, but this will end on April 17, 2024. Going forward, it will be available to the following users:


Date: From Thursday, April 18, 2024


Only the following people are allowed to enter the Sky Lobby.


◆Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower Office tenants and their related parties
◆Hills House Azabudai users

・Customers using Dining 33
・Customers using Sky Room Cafe & Bar
・Customers who purchase Dining 33 pâtisserie à la maison
・Hills House members and their guests


After the above date and time, we will change the operation to the B1F entrance where a staff member will confirm that you are eligible to use the facility before entering.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during the start of operation, but thank you for your understanding.


Notice of operational changes for 33F and 34F Sky Lobby (from April 18th)


Temporary notice: Some stores in Station Tower will open on October 6th.
T Market: Opened on 10/6 *Added in parentheses to facility name

Jetset (opened 10/6)
MANI PEDI the SALON (opened 10/6)
Big Mama (opened 10/6)
Starbucks Coffee (opened 10/6)
Toranomon Hills Station Tower store (opened 10/6)
PARK7 (opened 10/6)
Re.Ra.Ku (opened 10/6)
Dr.stretch (opened 10/6)
THE BARBER (opened 10/6)
Hakuyosha (opened 10/6)